Why Kevin Martin was throwing things and cussing today

A cable guy saved a few lives today:

When Jorge Rivera saw thick, black smoke force a woman to drop a young girl from the top floor of a Silver Spring apartment building, he did not hesitate to act. The Comcast repairman pulled over, yanked the ladder off his truck and ran to rescue those still trapped by the fire.

By the time firefighters arrived, Rivera had helped about six people escape the blaze, which injured two people and displaced a dozen families yesterday morning. “It was nothing,” Rivera said. “I got two kids at home. If they were somewhere burning, what would you do?”

After the obligatory press interviews, he continued on down the street to hook some people up. Harold Feld then resigned from the Media Access Project.

2 thoughts on “Why Kevin Martin was throwing things and cussing today”

  1. I applaud the actions of the Comcast repairman, but I’m not sure you want to say then went to “hook some people up,” given the connotation of that term these days.

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