Internet routing around US

Here’s one more reason not to believe the claims of slow growth in Internet traffic in the US: the rest of the world is optimizing its routes.

America is losing its position at the centre of the internet, according to a new study.

The survey by communications analysts TeleGeography Research, based in Washington DC, shows a rapid growth in internet capacity around the rest of the world over the past year – particularly in Latin America and Asia.

As a result, America’s traditional role as the internet’s traffic policeman is drifting away as other parts of the world become less reliant on it.

“The US used to be a primary hub for many regions,” said Eric Schoonover, a senior analyst at TeleGeography. “A lot of data still comes through the US, and a lot of content there is served out to other countries … but its importance is declining, though it has by no means gone away.”

On aggregate, Internet traffic is probably growing faster than it has in years. You read it here.

One thought on “Internet routing around US”

  1. we started the first italian NAP where to exchange traffic without passing from the US back in 1995.
    since ever, operators in “the rest of the world is optimizing their routes” whereby your post seems to imply that this is a new phenomenon distorting data collection.
    fact is that traffic at the NAPs worldwide is growing slower. Even traffic in direct peers.

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