Matt Stoller lies about lying

Matt Stoller is the crony of Jerome Armstrong & Markos (“Kosola“) Moulitsas who spread the lie that Cox Cable blocks Craig’s List. He did it in this post, ironically titled Please Lie to me about Net Neutrality:

There’s a pervasive myth that there has been no discrimination on the internet against content companies. That is simply untrue. For one, Craigslist has been blocked for three months from Cox customers because of security software malfunctions…

Without net neutrality protections, cable and telecom companies will have no incentive to fix these kinds of problems. Already, it’s quite difficult to even know that this is happening because they are quite easy to disguise.

The telcos are of course lying about this, claiming that no web sites have been blocked. And gullible reporters are falling for the lies.

This is the way he tries to re-write history:

There’s a really stupid lie that’s catching on among tech reporters. It started with George Ou at ZDNet, and then went to David Berling at the same publication. Here’s what Ou wrote:

It appears that the Net neutrality proponents have been caught in a flagrant lie in their effort to scare the public… and along with many other Net neutrality activist sites have accused Cox Communications of deliberately blocking the website Craigslist by quoting a report from our own Tom Foremski.

Well I suppose that would be a lie if I had accused Cox of deliberately blocking Craigslist. Only I didn’t. Here’s what I wrote.

Big companies, through incompetence, malevolence, or economic choice, can control the internet. Without legal protections, they will. So if you like dropped calls and crappy cable service, you’ll love what the non-neutral net will look like.

To their credit, most of’s readers aren’t buying it.