Tom Giovanetti wrote a pretty good Op-Ed on the neutrality riot for the local paper, so I started reading his blog. Turns out he’s a big Mavericks fan, being a Dallasite and all. After Game 2 he was gloating about how bad the Mavs were, so I left this little comment on his GioBlog:

If Riley can figure out how to get the role players in the game, he could potentially turn it around.

And of course that’s what happened: Udonis Haslem shut down Dirk Nowitski and the Heat won four in a row. I predicted the Pistons would beat the Lakers when they faced off in the playoffs too. Someday I’m gonna have to put some money on some of this sports genius, but not in a series where I have a favorite team.

Thank you and I’ll now go back to faking humility.