Quote of of the election

From Roger Simon (the real one) at Politico.com:

…Obama’s victory certainly says a great deal about how the right person with the right message at the right time can move very far and very fast in this country, no matter what the barriers.

Indeed. I’m looking forward to a great and inspirational presidency, and one that’s more moderate than the one we’ve just seen. Much more moderate.

4 thoughts on “Quote of of the election”

  1. Much, much more moderate? Or even much, much, MUCH more moderate? In other words, EXTREMELY moderate? 😉

  2. Totally moderate, as in: “not inclined to invade countries for the fun of it, double the national debt, nominate the cleaning lady to serve on the Supreme Court or choose Kevin Martin to chair the FCC.”

    We’re in the Honeymoon Phase right now.

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