The best broadband in the world

I ran the Speedmatters test on my Comcast connection today, just for the fun of it (OK, I’m bored with this Obama vs. the Moose Hunter stuff.) This test is sponsored by the Communication Workers union, as an argument for taxpayer subsidies for broadband. The results I got are not what they’re hoping for:

So my little Comcast account is faster than all that fiber in Japan and Korea.

So why all the whining?

6 thoughts on “The best broadband in the world”

  1. That result seems atypical. Speaking only for my comcast speed in southern Alameda county, I’m getting only 5041kbps down and 360kbps up … less than stellar ….

  2. You don’t have the Blast plan, which is nominally 16 Mbps down and 2 up. This upload number is actually the lowest it’s ever tested, as it’s generally 1950 K or thereabouts.

  3. My friend in Japan gets about 55megs down and 4megs up, I have no idea what type of plans and what he pays for it though, with my comcast connection I get. Then again, according to the test I’m getting 30mb/s down and around 2.5mb/s up. The download speed is only due to their “SpeedBurst” thing, those aren’t my actually realized speeds when downloading large files.

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