Google is Dead

They don’t know it yet, of course. I’ve just checked the new alternative to Google, Cuil (pronounced “cool”) and found it amazingly accurate. They show me as the number 1 Richard Bennett and the number 1 Bennett. Very sweet, even though I’m only the number 12 Richard; that gives me something to strive for.

UPDATE: Esteemed BITS blogger Saul Hansell interviewed Cuil president Anna Patterson on her “36 hours of fame” and got an explanation of the site’s first day troubles: “We were overwhelmed with traffic that was not the standard pattern,” Ms. Paterson said. “People were looking for their names a lot.”


3 thoughts on “Google is Dead”

  1. That was precisely the way I approached it, except they have a picture of some other dude, so net-negative viz me in this visual world, as I am far more handsome that him.

  2. They had one of the Richard Bennetts pictured with a naked man which is a totally unrelated picture. On one of my articles, they pictured a few smiling Japanese ladies.

    The search engine seems to only find people and not any other topic. I don’t think that’s a google killer, but the interface seems to be innovative.

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