Innovation ’08 Coming June 12th

Come on down to Innovation ’08 at eBay’s place in San Jose for this outstanding panel on June 12th:

What Does Net Neutrality Mean Now?

Comcast’s interruption of P2P transmissions has generated debate about the need and wisdom of deploying advanced net management technologies. Can and will the private sector address this problem without government mandates? Historically, the debate about Net Neutrality has focused on who can access information distribution channels, and under what circumstances. Comcast’s recent interruption brings up new questions, explored here by some of the leading experts in the field.

Also on my panel are George Ou and Ronald B. Yokubaitis, CEO of Data Foundry. The ever-shifting sands of public policy will be prominently on display.

One thought on “Innovation ’08 Coming June 12th”

  1. “Interruption?” As best I can tell, no one was interrupted; Comcast simply throttled back the bandwidth hogs. More alarmism on the part of MAP and Free Press. I guess the lobbyists are running low on money and need to create a scary bogeyman so that they can solicit funds to fight it.

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