Google falling

The inability to retain key employees is the first clear sign of company in decline, so this news has to be disturbing to Google shareholders:

Facebook hires away Google’s top chef

Is it “poaching” when a company steals a rival’s chef? At Google, executive chef Josef Desimone scrambled cruelty-free eggs by the truckload. Now Facebook has hired him to replace steam-heated trays of takeout with the kind of free food Googlers are used to. For engineers, Facebook is the new dreamland, and a company cafeteria is the kind of perk they’ve come to expect.

The end is near for the search monopoly.

7 thoughts on “Google falling”

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  3. How come my message about the monopoly claim got deleted? If you the language was inappropriate at least have the guts to address the main point. How is google a monopoly?


  4. Mani has been in a cave for the last five years. Google is a de facto monopoly. Most traffic monitoring services estimate Google’s share at around 63% of the search market. The nearest rival, Yahoo, is around 21%. Everyone else is in the single digit percentage or less. That does not appear to be a competitive market to me, especially if Yahoo partners with Google to avoid being taken over by Microsoft.

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