Get your King James Bible

Just for the fun of it, I’ve uploaded a copy of the King James Version of the Holy Bible to my Comcast web page, the one that you get for free with every Comcast Internet account. It’s for Robb Topolski and all the good people at the EFF.

PS: Actually should have been for the AP, according to Robb’s comments on the post and an e-mail from the EFF. So many details, so little time.

6 thoughts on “Get your King James Bible”

  1. Wrong guy — but okay, I’ll still give that one to you — that was funny. Did George Ou tell you that one?

    My test vehicle was De Vinci’s notebook and the tests I cooperated in with the EFF was the OpenOffice release.

    It was the AP that used the Bible, and I wasn’t involved in any of their testing.

  2. I like Open Office, I made my FCC hearing slides with it, the ones they couldn’t figure out how to show. It’s pretty damn scary to realize that the agency that wants to regulate the Internet can’t figure out how to access YouTube from a highly-wired location, BTW. I wanted to show the Web Hog commercial but they couldn’t make it fly.

  3. Unfortunately, the FCC seemed to intend to slant the entire event, so it is not surprising that they just “couldn’t” show your slides.

    Whenever I do ANY presentation, I compose my slides as Web pages (not as PowerPoint slides). This makes them platform-independent. I take the slides on my own laptop and on a write-protected thumb drive in my pocket. I also upload them to my Web server. That way, I can show them on ANY machine that has a Web browser and either a USB port or Net access. I can show my slides in pretty much any situation, since I can use the venue’s hardware or my own laptop or a borrowed laptop (if something has happened to my own). And absolutely no one can claim that they can’t figure out how to show them.

  4. I had all kinds of backup too, and just ended up speaking from them from my laptop. It was OK, but I should have typed out my opening remarks because my conclusion wasn’t clear to the Commissioners.

    Live and learn, it’s only the future of the Internet at stake.

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