Not Impressed By Barack Obama

Seth Finkelstein explains it all:

I am not impressed by Barack Obama.

Yes, he makes nice speeches. Yes, he’s anti-war. That’s great. I don’t hate him. He’s a good guy for a Presidential candidate. However, I feel no great inspiration, and there’s a lot of ways he seems to me to be an inferior candidate to Hillary Clinton. He’s a lightweight in terms of track record, with no experience in dealing with all the mud that can be thrown at a Democrat by the Republican campaign apparatus.

These days, when someone makes an emotionally appealing speech to me, my guard goes up and I start considering how they might be trying to take advantage of me.

That’s pretty much my take. Hillary is, let’s face it, stronger all the way around than Obama. It was a tad worrying that her husband was doing so much damage to her campaign recently, but she’s reined him in, which is no small feat. Obama is doing the same tired old emotional populist appeal that Edwards has been doing forever, it’s just not credible.

Experience counts.

6 thoughts on “Not Impressed By Barack Obama”

  1. Obama’s not Hillary.

    Yeah, a right-wing spin machine will throw crap at him, but you know what? He already beat the Clinton spin-machine.

    Hillary’s a fake. Always has been, just like her hubby, whose most outstanding asset, at that which we know about, is his not being George H.W. Bush.

    Hillary’s planted folks at her campaign stops, which were purely steged events.

    Hillary never could articulate a position on the war without triangulating and talking out of both sides of her mouth – the latest being her “bring the boys home in 60 days” nonsense.

    There’s a lot – a lot – I don’t like about Obama; the biggest thing being I’m skeptical about is his health care plan, but he’s not Hillary, and we on the center-left are just salivating at the prospect of putting Obama in a debate with McCain. Hillary’d be a dud there, but Obama would close the deal just by showing up.

    And after 8 years of the kind of rule we’ve had, and 30 years of conservatism, anything that puts that beast in a coffin short of the Khmer Rouge is good enough for me.

  2. Personally, I think McCain would mop the floor with Obama in any foreign policy debate. Obama would be carrying on about “unity and hope” while McCain would be down with the specifics. Obama wants harsh “net neutrality” regulations and that by itself tells me all I need to know about his ignorance and lack of experience.

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