Net Neutrality 2008 Presentation

Here’s my slide deck from the Net Neutrality 2008 Symposium at the U. of San Francisco Law School this weekend.

The section on network-based solutions to piracy seems to be particularly engaging. Nick Weaver has been working out a similar solution. I felt compelled to sketch this out because of the breathless reaction from some of our privacy buffs to the CES discussion about piracy.

There are plenty of legitimate interests in the net neutrality debate, but morping privacy rights into piracy rights isn’t one of them.

One thought on “Net Neutrality 2008 Presentation”

  1. Dear Richard,
    I feel you provided an important perspective in the debate at the Net Neutrality 2008 Symposium! I had some difficulty following your presentation due to acoustic distortion and streaming discontinuity problems with the feed, so I really appreciate your posting your slides here!
    Yours sincerely,

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