Post-Season Baseball Predictions

My pre-season picks weren’t too bad, as I got 3 of the 6 division winners: Indians, Phillies, and Red Sox. Considering none of them had won a division in ages, they were actually pretty good. Both my wildcards (Mets and Tigers) were wrong, and they were safe picks at the time. Sometimes you got to go out on a limb.

The momentum factor favors the Rox in the playoffs since they’re on a 14-1 tear and recorded a victory in the tie-breaker, but it was tainted by the fact that Holliday didn’t actually touch the actual, you know, plate, owing to Barrett’s foot being on it and all. But it was the 13th inning and the ump was getting hungry so that was that.

The most exciting series will be Rox/Phils, with lots of long balls and some furious base-running. I expect Jamie Moyer will continue to throw lots of change-ups and Cole Hamels will prevail over the worn-out Rox. If the Rox somehow squeak by the Phils, they will have to be the favorite to take the World Series, otherwise the Phils will lose to the AL champ.

The over-coached Yangels will go up in flames in Fenway, and the Indians will clobber the Yankees because they have better pitching. The Indians will then go on to the WS as the Sox peaked in July and have been winding down ever since. Plus, Schilling is a gasbag and Jesus doesn’t like him.

But you never know, these things are a crap shoot and anything can happen.

See Matt Welch for more of this kinda thing.

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