Fortney’s hatred of the Baby Jesus

Fortney “Pete” Stark, Congressman from Fremont, shocked the Jesus freaks by admitting he’s not real keen on the invisible. Fortney has now inspired this riff by Sam Harris:

The problem is that wherever one stands on this continuum, one inadvertently shelters those who are more fanatical than oneself from criticism. Ordinary fundamentalist Christians, by maintaining that the Bible is the perfect word of God, inadvertently support the Dominionists — men and women who, by the millions, are quietly working to turn our country into a totalitarian theocracy reminiscent of John Calvin’s Geneva. Christian moderates, by their lingering attachment to the unique divinity of Jesus, protect the faith of fundamentalists from public scorn. Christian liberals — who aren’t sure what they believe but just love the experience of going to church occasionally — deny the moderates a proper collision with scientific rationality. And in this way centuries have come and gone without an honest word being spoken about God in our society.

If you go to church, you’re helping the terrorists. Now that’s all the more reason to devote your Sundays to baseball.

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