Accel getting serious?

This little move probably won’t garner a lot of attention, but I think it’s interesting:

Silicon Valley venture firm Accel Partners has hired mobile software expert Richard Wong as a partner, the latest sign of where investors think the action will be.

Wong spent six years at OpenWave, which developed early mobile browsers (WAP), and where Wong worked with mobile companies like Sorrent, Jamdat, Infospace and Motricity in their earliest stages and saw them grow quickly. He oversaw OpenWave’s marketing efforts, and more recently was head of its product division. (Here is his bio.)

Mobile wireless is a much more interesting world than the old-time Internet, and it’s not constrained by nutty interest groups peddling loony regulatory myths. It’s smart of Accel to get serious about it.

One thought on “Accel getting serious?”

  1. Richard, Don’t miss Esther Dyson’s comments — and Link’s take — on Net Neutrality over at Verizon’s Policy Blog. (Thx for the blog roll honor!) CZ


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