Google’s plans for world domination

Check out Cringely on Google’s plans for world domination:

Google controls more network fiber than any other organization. This is not to say that Google OWNS all that fiber, just that they control it through agreements with network operators. I find two very interesting aspects to this story: 1) that Google has acquired — or even needs to acquire — so much bandwidth, and; 2) that they don’t own it, since probably the cheapest way to pick up that volume of fiber would be to simply buy out any number of backbone providers like Level 3 Communications.

The “do no evil” guys are a lot scarier than the telcos or Microsoft, as they have absolutely no conscience. You’ve been warned.

Of course, it’s likely that a company so full of itself and stocked with overly-narrow employees will blow up in a fairly spectacular way someplace between here and world domination. On the other hand, it may soon be too late to stop global warming or global Googling.

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