Recruited again

This is funny:

Hi Richard,

My name is XXX XXXXXX and I am a Recruiter for the Engineering team. While searching the internet, I came across your name. We currently have positions available at Google that may be a good match for you. If you are open to exploring these opportunities further, please send an updated version of your resume in Word, HTML, or PDF to me as soon as possible.

All positions involve working in our infrastructure team, know as Engineering (which is different from our Operations group). Our engineers hold the beating heart of Google and are very well respected. They are responsible for keeping the website up and running as well as building new automation infrastructure. We are seeking Extraordinary Developers, UNIX (Linux) System Administrators, and Managers/Directors to add to our exciting team and growing organization.

*****We have multiple openings located in various places in the US (Mountain View, CA, Kirkland, WA, Santa Monica, CA, Mountain View, CA, New York, NY ) and Internationally (Dublin, Ireland and Zurich, Switzerland).****

I hope you are not bothered by my networking attempt. If you are not interested or available, but would like to forward my name and contact information to your friends or colleagues, I would be most delighted.

For more information, go to: /jobs/bin/ =23594 (see various locations) (see various locations)

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


P.S. If this is not a good time or if you are not interested, please reply and let us know. We will update our database and you will not be contacted again in the future.

I know very few people read this blog, but it surprises me that despite all the mean things I’ve said about Google ( their collusion with the government of China and their evil attempt to stifle the development of the Internet through Net Neutrality legislation, their lack of originality, etc.) I’m still getting such queries on a regular basis. I guess they’re less organized than I thought.


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  1. Obviously Google is casting a very wide net. If they wanted to talk to you about your work in wireless networking, I could understand it, but Linux developer or system administration does not sound like your cup of tea.

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