More Net Neutrality Paranoia

Here they go again. The Neutralists are claiming that Comcast censored an ABC news segment on the sleeping Comcast technician, so we need heavy regulations for the Internet.

But like the last five such claims they’ve made, this one is also nothing but hot air:

UPDATE: ABC said they confim it was an editing error on their part. If so, the gaffe should be seen at any of their ABC News Now vendors, which include which include AOL, Bellsouth, SBC/Yahoo and Verizon. We’re still working on scanning and uploading the AOL manual, so if any readers want to go and try and corroborate with snagged video clips and send them to us, that would be awesome.

UPDATE: Comcast says the feed has been repaired and can be seen on their site here (requires subscription). They also say the problem was replicated for all their outlets, not just Comcast. Without any other verification available at this time, we’ll have to take their word for it. No complaints were heard from users of the four other services.

The Consumerist had the integrity to run a correction, albeit it really lame one. How many neut blogs will go even that far? Not Save the Internet, where the original false story is still the most recent blog, and a nice lead to similarly paranoid drooling about MySpace and Craig’s Listhas finally been deleted.

Incidentally, Precursor has a nice little Flash animation that goes after the Freudian slip committed by the owners of “It’s Our Net, Dammit”. After listening to Dave Farber “debate” Vint Cerf, I can see the Royal Sense of Entitlement the content barons have. Cerf simply recited sound bites for an hour, and nothing he said lead any credence to the claim that he has a technical background. You can read the same sound bites on Save the Internet, with pictures.

UPDATE: Save the Internet deleted my trackback from their uncorreced story.

That’s what censorship looks like.

UPDATE: Kudos to Save the Internet for deleting the phony story. Maybe there’s hope for them yet.