Lippard neutrality

Jim Lippard makes a valiant effort at separating the real issues from the phony ones in his version of net neutrality:

In an attempt to offer something constructive, here’s a version of network neutrality–let’s call it Lippard Network Neutrality–that seems to me to be reasonable, providing me with what I want as a consumer of Internet services and what I would want if I were managing security for the provider of those services

Essentially, it’s a ban on censorship but not on advanced services. I endorse it, with a couple of quibbles about unbundling.

2 thoughts on “Lippard neutrality”

  1. In an ideal situation, I would like to see ILEC/Last mile infrastructure handled like Internet Exchanges (PAIX, the SIX)

    Everyone (ILECs, CLECs, etc.) who uses it pays their portion of the operations and maintence of the last mile fiber, based on the percentage of the infrastructure they are using. This would be a cooperative private model, that way you can avoid the problems with proposed Muni Provider models, and have realistic costs associated with unbundling.

    I know it’s unworkable now, but I’m entitiled to my Pipe Dream. (Pun intended.)

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