Return of Robopundit

I’m playing around with a GPL package called “zFeeder”, which does RSS aggregation and formatting in Javascript – it’s on the left-hand side. Functionally, it’s similar to the Robopundit tool I had on this blog a couple of years ago before RSS was all the rage and stuff. The old Robo was a major kludge, relying on a program running on a personal server and a service on a community college server in W. Va. that’s now been discontinued. the zFeeder thing is php that refreshes in real-time.

It has some quirks I don’t much care for, but I’m still learning how to use it and stuff. The installation was a snap, just one line in the MT template after the files were uploaded to the host of my choice. Someday all Blogware will have this function built-in, but for now we have php.

It’s cool enough.