Bigger than Google?

Nick Denton’s a little tweaked by my comments on Kinja, to wit:

Hey, Richard — just promise me one thing. That, when Kinja is the largest single referrer in your blog logs, you’ll eat your words.



My biggest single referrer today is Google, so the only way I can see this happening is for Kinja to get bigger than Google. If that happens, I’ll eat a lot more than my words.

4 thoughts on “Bigger than Google?”

  1. So what’s the deal with Kinja? All of a sudden I started getting referals from it. It’s some kind of feed, apparently. Why’s it suck?

    (Anything that boosts my hits I regard as genius.)

  2. My biggest referrer is From search engines, it’s Google. But the most popular search term is ‘bastinado’.

    Most referrels from a single site in a single day was 44, from Bigfoot Forums. Of which only 22 showed up on that referrel list below my blogroll.

  3. Between PopDex, Technorati, and Google’s new blog service, it appears to me that the market for the service Kinja’s selling is already saturated.

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