Sharing spectrum

According to Scott Mace’s Radio Weblog and Boing Boing, the second day at the Spectrum conference was productive. Scott:

David P. Reed: “What happened with 802.11, a small group of companies developed all kinds of crazy technologies to run in that space. Most of the companies failed. Gradually, industry said, we need to work together. Some of those committees were IEEE committee. Despite the fact I don’t think 802.11 is the be-all and end-all, it’s an amazingly successful example of governing a commons.”


Spectrum Etiquette: Two Proposals
Does the “unlicensed” spectrum band need etiquette rules at this time? Or should the FCC leave the space alone? This panel will address this general question, as well as specific etiquette proposals. Speakers from MSFT and Motorola, plus assorted commentators.

Two days on protocol regulation would be a good start.