Decentralizing the Web says:

But the company says the number of sites people typically visit in a month jumped 25 percent last year. The average Internet user went to 71 sites from home in February, vs. 57 a year earlier.

This has to be a healthy trend, and blogs might be playing a part in it.

One thought on “Decentralizing the Web”

  1. I think you may be right — if you include what I’d call ‘info & links’ sites. Those may not be as often updated as blogs, but they offer reasonably timely information (or sometimes timeless info — like curry recipes), and links to useful related information.

    I think blogs have contributed some and (oddly enough) I also think the whole ‘’ crash contributed also. Most of those ‘’ companies tried to keep people on-site. Their demise sent people looking for sites that offered similar content, and those were sites that didn’t hesitate to link to others.

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