Chairman Genachowski Goes to San Francisco

GigaOm sponsored a conversation with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowki at their Intergalactic Headquarters in San Francisco today.

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I asked the net neutrality question toward the end, and applauded the Chairman for the way he’s transformed the FCC. Genachowski brought some of his best staffers with him, and it was nice to meet and greet and share ideas. You have to admire anyone who can make such deep changes to a rather hidebound federal agency as quickly as Genachowski and staff have done.

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2 thoughts on “Chairman Genachowski Goes to San Francisco”

  1. Genachowski is a real breath of fresh air. Opening up the rulemaking process is long overdue. He doesn’t have the stink of political patronage about him. More of a technocrat, rather than a bureaucrat.

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