The Communicators on Piracy

Thursday’s edition of The Communicators on C-Span featured MPAA CEO Dan Glickman and Washington Internet Daily editor Greg Piper talking about digital piracy. There’s a segment beginning 9 minutes in on the recent ITIF report on stopping piracy.

It’s very good to see people paying attention to the financial side of piracy.

One thought on “The Communicators on Piracy”

  1. Dan Glickman gets it when he says “the greatest threat is the internet.” I wanted to hear more of his thoughts on the challenges of new technologies. The bonehead moderators kept dragging him back to the past with discussion about the price of BlueRay players and turning off output ports of TVs when playing protected content. Who cares? In a few years, everyone will be saying “TV, PC, media server, internet, phone, it’s all the same thing.”

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