Honorably Mentioned

The Sidecut Reports ranking of the Top 10 Net Neutrality Influencers has some interesting honorables:

Honorable Mention: Tim Wu, Columbia Law School; Kyle McSlarrow, NCTA; Eric Schmidt, Google; Chris Libertelli, eBay/Skype; Gigi Sohn, Public Knowledge; Jessica Rosenworcel, Senate Commerce Committee; Jonathan Adelstein, FCC; Phil Weiser, University of Colorado; Richard Bennett, blogger/independent network engineer and self-confessed geek.

Hmmm…I don’t know if this is entirely credible. But you never know.

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4 thoughts on “Honorably Mentioned”

  1. Of course it’s credible! C’mon, you have testified at FCC hearings… know more about the technology than the current commissioner lineup… judging by the comments on your blog you are already shaping the debate.

  2. Richard, the FCC could do worse than to have you there as a visiting scientist. I’d love to go to DC and help to set rational policy. Alas, as the proprietor of a frenetic local business with a mission ( to get as many people connected as possible — a mission I’d have to abandon to go to DC), I think I’ll have to reserve such a thing for later in life.

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