4 thoughts on “Michael Savage doesn’t like Palin”

  1. Who is that guy? Is that his real name? Doesn't he do a sex column for the alterna-papers? He can rant, that's for sure.


  2. michael savage is not a right winger. he's a liberal doing schtick. he's decided for reasons of fame/fortune to PRETEND to be a conservative talk show host, but he's not. his on-air persona is EXACTLY what a liberal believes all conservatives to be. angry, bigoted, hateful, etc. the fact is that conservatives are not like that at all. the angriest people you'll ever meet are liberals. don't listen to anything michael savage has to say. it's all a put-on from a leftwinger's perspective.

    he didn't have a show on Fox. he had a show on MSNBC, which is the most liberal cable “news” channel.

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