Using what Comcast gives you

See George Ou’s new blog for the scoop on seeding Torrents from Comcast without running into Reset problems. George shows how to combine the traditional Torrent with a bit of Comcast web space to avoid running afoul of Comcast’s network management, and more importantly, without screwing over your neighbors:

As many of you reading this blog probably already know, Comcast has been disconnecting a certain percentage of TCP streams emanating from BitTorrent and other P2P (peer-to-peer) seeders. This effectively delays and degrades the ability of Comcast customers to seed files using P2P applications. For normal healthy Torrents that are distributed across multiple users and multiple ISPs, losing a few seeders intermittently isn’t too noticeable. But for rare Torrents or Torrents that have to originate from a Comcast broadband customer, this can pose some challenges. The rare Torrent becomes even less reliable than they already are while popular Torrents originating from Comcast’s broadband network take much longer to become healthy.

It’s all worked out and very thorough.

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