New York Wants Congestion Pricing

If the New York City Council can approve this plan, why can’t we have the same thing on our broadband networks?

Updated, 9:24 p.m. | Shortly before 7:30 p.m., the New York City Council approved a measure urging state lawmakers to vote in favor of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s congestion pricing proposal. The vote was 30 to 20, with one member absent. (See the full vote tally below.) Mayor Bloomberg immediately scheduled a news conference for later this evening with the Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, to celebrate the passing of his plan, which has left city and state lawmakers sharply divided.

It seems like common sense, more or less, that drivers would have to pay for the privilege of clogging up the downtown areas. Singapore was doing this in the 1980s when I lived there. And yes, I know that the little island nation isn’t a model of free speech or human rights, but it’s in nobodys interest to have so many cars downtown that none of them actually moves.

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