Harden and Brown Crush the Sox

Game 2 of the budding major league season was quite an enjoyable affair, as the Mighty A’s sent the Bosnia Red Sox home in disgrace. Harden no-hit the pretenders through 3, and struck ’em out at will. Emil Brown redeemed himself with a game-winning three-run homer and Crosby continued his hitting tear.

The A’s aren’t a bad team this year, but if I were a member of Bosnia Nation I’d be worried about the pitching. The Sox look a lot like some Yankee teams of recent memory, all bats and no curveballs.

Beckett’s injured, Schilling’s out for the season, Matsuzaka is still erratic, and Lester looks like a batting practice patsy. The middle of the Sox lineup is as strong as anyones, but it’s going to take a lot of runs to overcome the help Sox pitching will give opposing teams this year. The A’s aren’t a strong hitting team, but they scored 5 runs in each of the two games in the Tokyo Dome.

The Yankees are dealing with their pitching woes with a youth movement, and the Sox response is something like an injury movement. Not good, Boston Nation.

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