Comcast upgrades begin

This news item was a pleasant surprise:

Comcast said today it is offering a new tier of service called Blast that tops out at 16 megabits per second for downloads, twice the speed of its Performance Plus, while retaining the same price. Comcast users will still be able to purchase the basic Performance service, which offers 10 Mbps. Upload speeds also are getting a boost from 768 kilobits per second to 2 Mbps…

To create the upgrade in speed, Comcast has been building more capacity into its network of nodes, which serve hundreds of homes each. The upgrade is part of Comcast’s $663 million investment in the Bay Area since it acquired the former AT&T cable system five years ago.

This reaction to AT&T’s U-verse upgrade shows that competition works, even for people like me who can’t get U-verse.

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