Obama Desperate

In a desperate attempt to find an issue that might excite Democratic primary voters enough to overlook his youth and inexperience, Obama pledges Net Neutrality, Ewok Safety (The Register)

Asked whether he’d “re-instate Net Neutrality” as “the Law of the Land”, trailing Presidential Candidate Barack Obama told an audience in Cedar Rapids, Iowa pledged that yes, he would.

He also said he’d protect Ewok villages everywhere, and hoped that Tony Soprano had survived the non-existent bloodbath at the conclusion of The Sopranos.

(So we made the last two up – but they wouldn’t have been any more silly than what the Presidential Candidate really said.)

Andrew’s in fine form, underscoring the fundamental deception in the network neutrality debate: there’s never been a network neutrality law, so there’s no question of “restoring” it.

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