Excellent analysis

My post-season baseball predictions have been shockingly good. Each of the 3 game in the ALCS (AKA “Real World Series”) were won by the team I said had the pitching advantage. We’ll see if this holds up in game four, but I’m feeling pretty good about it on account of Wakefield coming off an injury and being a knuckler and all. Cleveland still has several key hitters MIA, such as Sizemore and Hafner, so those boys do need to step up.

The NLCS was a total snooze-fest, the only excitement coming in Game 4 when the Snakes had to leave their pitcher in to give up 6 runs in one inning because he was their best hitter. Dumping that poser Byrnes was the best thing Billy Beane ever did.

Rabid right-wing “Christian” fundamentalist Jeff Goldstein is pretty excited about the snake-handling Rockies playing the Champion, and I have to admit there’s something cute about a Cleveland-Rox series; as long as Ted Haggard doesn’t throw out the first pitch.

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  1. Doing well in the Spring generally heralds a bad regular season, doesn’t it? It’s too early for me to be optimistic about this team.

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