Free Tickets

A friend has a couple of tickets to the A’s – Red Sox game tonite. E-mail me at richard at bennett dot com if you’re interested. Game time is 7:05. He can e-mail the tickets to you.

2 thoughts on “Free Tickets”

  1. Somebody should have taken those tickets to see the A’s baffle the Red Sox with great pitching and fielding, and adequate batting and base running. What an excellent game, especially on HDTV!

    I’m really proud of the A’s for beating the Red Sox three games straight. I’m even prouder of Shannon Stewart for spoiling Curt “Schooter” Schilling’s no-hitter in the ninth inning with two outs. An outright win by the A’s to sweep the Red Sox would have been better, but I’ll take the spoiled no-no from Schilling as a consolation prize.

  2. The four game series against the Bosox was some of the best baseball I’ve ever seen. All the games were close, and the pitching and defense dominated the hitting throughout. This is what baseball is supposed to be like.

    And beating Boston is always fun.

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