Until they’re old enough to drive

I’ve always wondered how the Google kids get to work, and now I have my answer:

Google is improving its green credentials by offering all of its employees a free bike to ride to work.

The bikes, manufactured by Raleigh Europe, will be offered to around 2,000 permanent employees of the search engine giant in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All of the bikes – plus free helmets – will be branded with the Google name.

Holger Meyer, Germany’s first Google employee, came up with the idea and staff will be able to choose from a range of models including a “cool cruiser” – a folding bike for those that only make part of their trip to work under pedal power – and men’s and women’s hybrids.

I hope the bike giveaway isn’t so exciting that it cuts into nap time.

One thought on “Until they’re old enough to drive”

  1. Richard, while a bunch of wisecracks come to mind, my code of conduct encourages a golden rule 🙂 Good for them for using their legs instead of mid-east oil. However, I’ll shamelessly promote a link to a interview that anyone wanting to know what VZ’s fiber optic broadband means (hint: 400mbs, unlimited VOD..). check in on the first halk of this interview with a FiOS engineer.

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