Gang of Four on Net Neutrality

Dave Farber, Michael Katz, Chris Yoo, and Gerald Faulhaber have a very concise and well-constructed Op-Ed in today’s WaPo on the downsides of net neutrality regulations:

The legislative proposals debated in the 109th Congress take a very different approach. They would impose far-reaching prohibitions affecting all broadband providers, regardless of whether they wielded monopoly power and without any analysis of whether the challenged practice actually harmed competition. If enacted, these proposals would threaten to restrict a wide range of innovative services without providing any compensating customer benefits.

Most of the people who’ve made substantial contributions to the Internet in the past are converging on this point of view: it’s harmful to make too many restrictions on the services the network provides to users and applications. Contrast this view, which is empirically provable, with the assertion on the other side that there are mystical and unprovable reasons to favor a dearth of network services. The evidence is all on the side of deregulation.

H/T to Verizon’s Policy Blog

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