Killer provision in Snowe-Dorgan

Here’s the essence of the Snowe-Dorgan kill the Intenet bill:

`(5) only prioritize content, applications, or services accessed by a user that is made available via the Internet within the network of such broadband service provider based on the type of content, applications, or services and the level of service purchased by the user, without charge for such prioritization; and

If your concern is free speech, why attack the revenue base for VoIP and IPTV?

This makes no sense unless there’s a hidden agenda.

2 thoughts on “Killer provision in Snowe-Dorgan”

  1. Can you please clarify what you mean? A couple of questions.

    “If your concern is free speech”… the word “your” is unclear. Who are you addressing? I presume you mean the authors of the Snowe-Dorgan bill.

    “why attack the revenue base for VoIP and IPTV?” Can you please elaborate on this? Why do you see (5) as an attack on the revenue base for VoIP and IPTV?

  2. The provision forbids surcharges for QoS, but it’s been sold as somehow protecting free speech because the sponsors are idiots.

    QoS surcharges enable QoS, and QoS enables new services.

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