Welcome to the stupid Internet

The Mercury News finally ran a decent anti-regulation Op-Ed today:

As more and more of our lives migrate to the Internet, if we want our TV viewing, phone conversations and other applications to be at least as reliable as they are now, it is critical that networks be allowed to become smarter — to partition bandwidth and prioritize packets to make sure that different types of content get appropriate handling. The equivalent of HOV lanes (which give priority during heavy traffic) and FedEx delivery (which allows people to pay more for faster and more reliable service) must be permitted on the Internet for it to become what we all want it to be.

Maybe someday we’ll have the techno-utopian world of infinite bandwidth, but the last time I checked, there isn’t an infinite supply of anything. So, in a world with limited bandwidth, should traffic from an Internet-connected toaster have the same network priority handling as the VoIP traffic from police and fire departments?

Network neutrality proponents answer that question “yes.” But the correct answer is so obviously “no” that there is clearly some other agenda at work.

It’s a day late, but who cares, Googoo lost their bid to control the Internet.

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