Yoo vs. Crawford on Regulation

PBS’s smarmy NOW program has a mini-debate on its web site between law professors Christopher Yoo and Susan Crawford, in which they were asked five questions about Internet regulation. It’s pretty interesting to note that Crawford’s answers are highly emotional while Yoo’s are factual and well-reasoned. Some might say that’s the feminine style vs. the masculine style, but I think it’s a question of competence. Crawford is bluffing because she doesn’t understand the technical issues, while Yoo is telling it like it is.

2 thoughts on “Yoo vs. Crawford on Regulation”

  1. “To me, network neutrality at this point is premature,” Vanderbilt University law professor and visiting University of Pennsylvania professor Christopher Yoo said at a press briefing.

    Yoo is the author of a new cable-funded report, “Promoting Broadband Through Network Diversity.”

    Gee, I wonder why he’s on that side of the argument. I will thoroughly debunk his ridiculous paper at some later point. I would call it corn-laced manure, but that would be an insult to real manure everywhere.

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