Saving the Internet from Web tedium

What’s really going on with “net neutrality” regulations is that the Big Content companies are afraid the Internet will become more a medium of communication than a means of delivering canned content, and that will eat away at their profits. So they’ve concocted this whole FUD campaign that dishonestly makes Quality of Service enhancements for communications applications a threat to web access.

The Internet is more than the Web, and beefing up the communications side makes the content less compelling. Instead of whining about the Telcos, Big Content should try to be more interesting.

3 thoughts on “Saving the Internet from Web tedium”

  1. Google is stockpiling all that dark fiber for some reason. I suspect an attempt at shortcircuiting the telcos lies not too far down the Googleroad….

  2. More interesting? Cheesus, that’s ludicrous. eBay, Google, Skype, BitTorrent, Vonage, Blogger, Picasa integrated with Blogger, PayPal, eHarmony, Digg, ezBoard, SourceForge…

    The amount of innovation at layers 5-7 is something that would have never happened had the telcos been in control of the content.


    America’s technological leadership position — and its national security — hang in the balance. I think I’ll stick with the current state of ham-handed FCC enforcement of net neutrality.

  3. OK, that’s fine.

    So stop pushing the “Save the Internet” coalition which is trying to hamstring the Internet with a new type of regulation it’s never had.

    And BTW, you’re not in a position to “guarantee” any theory of history, you’re just one more asshole with an opinion.

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