Coalition of the wooly

Check out the membership of the Save the Internet Coalition and ask yourself why it’s all a bunch of pie-eyed world saviors without a single networking guru in the ranks.

Joining this coalition amounts to putting a big sign on your back saying “I’m an idiot.

Why? Simply put the Internet of the past is not so well-designed that it should be the Internet of the future. If we’re going to move serious amounts of phone calls and video programming over the net, the plumbing will have to change. Network neutrality is simply standing in the way of progress, and this coalition has consistently demonstrating abject ignorance about how the Internet works.

H/T Jeff Jarvis, who doesn’t get the fact that some resources really are finite.

6 thoughts on “Coalition of the wooly”

  1. Man, are you clueless.

    The coalition’s list of Charter members includes Professor’s Larry Lessig and Timothy Wu, Internet business pioneer Craig Newmark, networking guru David Isenberg, and Net founding father and “Internet Evangelist” Vinton Cerf.

    By all means feel free to characterize as “abject ignorance” the work of these internationally recognized experts. Then shove your shameful head firmly back into the sand.

  2. Your facts are a bit lacking, Willa. Lessig and Wu are law professors, not networking gurus; neither is in the network engineering business. Craig Newmark is a businessman who runs a web site, not a network engineer, and Isenberg hasn’t done network engineering for many years. And what he did was apparently confined to telephone services. Vinton Cerf actually would qualify as a network guru based on the work he did 20 years ago, but he’s not listed among the people on the “Save the Internet” page you linked (the same link in my post, BTW.)

    I have no doubt that these esteemed characters are good at what they do for a living – lecturing on law is not easy, what with all the papers to grade, and selling classified ads has to a constant headache, but my issue is that this Coalition of the Wooly is attempting to force government regulation into the sphere of network engineering, an area in which they have no expertise.

  3. Cerf is the organization’s sokesperson. He was the keynote speaker on their public release event yesterday (Check the press). You need to:

    1. Revisit that list
    2. Look at some of those links
    3. Acknowledge the vast expertise that it represents — including your cherished network engineers
    4. Insert head back into sand … or

    abandon the dark side.

  4. Cerf isn’t listed as a member, and if he’s a paid employee that’s a whole different thing, isn’t it? In any case, Cerf, who hasn’t done any network engineering for 15 or 20 years, is more likely motivated by a desire to keep the Internet as it was when he botched its design.

    I’ve already read the list of members (thanks for telling me what to do, that’s original) and I see no network engineers among them — it’s all a bunch of consumer hacks, professional protesters, gun nuts, and Lessig-like professors.

    Face it Willa, your side has no credbility.

  5. And you have credibility?

    Nice one Richard. It’s honorable but not so bright to go down with the ship. And your argument has been sunk so many times . . . well, you can do the math.

    Indeed that list is full of network engineers. You just haven’t wanted to find them there. I’m not going to tell you what to do. Others have made a fair attempt at educating you without avail. I guess as “the original blog” (right) your entitled to your excentricities.

    Soldier on in darkness.

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