Dean still confused

Howard Dean is still confused about his big flame-out, having just posted this to his blog:

Today my candidacy may come to an end–but our campaign for change is not over.

“May” come to an end? Howard, your campaign came to end weeks ago in New Hampshire. The people have spoken, it’s over, face the music and move on.

Apparently, Dean can’t stand the prospect of going back to private life and will try and put together some sort of an organization that will make him a permanent nag of all Democratic Party candidates, kinda like Nader only not as destructive at the polls. It’s hard to say what Dean’s organizational or policy contribution really is, however. It’s not like the Internet candidacy was his idea or even that good an idea in the long run, and on the policy front he’s just a standard issue DLC guy with a little post-Vietnam pacifism thrown in for flavor.

Maybe he’s going to train future candidates on public speaking (rimshot).

UPDATE: New York Times blogger Matt Bai thinks Dean has a legacy.

5 thoughts on “Dean still confused”

  1. I read your comments over at Trish Wilson’s blog on Father’s Rights…
    Her incindiary(I didn’t spell that right, did I?) remarks are why I started blogging in the first place.
    What I believe is dangerous about her is that she really doesn’t have the slightest interest in what she’s talking about, other than the fact that it is an all-too-easy issue to invalidate or bash. For her, this is a part-time hobby that brings her to the public eye. It’s not hard to whip politicians or society into a frenzy when you yell dead-beat Dad, wife-beater or child-abandoner…
    The fact is, she doesn’t care the distinction and she doesn’t WANT to.
    As for your friend, there isn’t a dad alive, in our shoes, who hasn’t waxed wistfully about taking off with the kids…no more screaming, yelling or fighting with the ex…just sitting down and watching Walt Disney and Bugs Bunny with our rugrats…signing their report cards and doing their homework for(I’m guilty of that)or holidays and wagon rides…just plenty of love and laughter.
    I think anyone such as your pal, who’s been able to make even a little head-way in bringing our pain out there, has the ability to inform the public of a much overlooked fact…
    We’re not politicians or power-brokers, we’re JUST dads. The internal need to love, nuture, care for, parent and bond with our kids isn’t a quality unique to women. Men feel it just as strongly. In some ways, maybe even stronger. Because we can’t carry to term and birth our kids, this is not a gift we have the luxury of taking for granted.(And most women DO take it for granted. They don’t mean to, but they do. It’s a gift they don’t cherish anymore…)
    I’m certainly not implying that you guys haven’t expressed the above, but it’s easy for that kind of ‘heartfelt’ rhetoric to get substituted by righteous indignation and even flat out rage when shitbirds like Trish Wilson and her ilk make a hobby out of invalidating our issues and our pain. You know what she really does, don’t you? Basically, she infers that Father’s Rights abuse simply does NOT exist…it doesn’t happen. Same thing with paternity. She said paternity fraud isn’t a real term of law, it was made up by the father’s rights groups…I could insult her pretty good here, but I won’t.

    Anyway,I’ve been trying to do the same thing your friend did for a while…bring the issue out to the public by using my own case as an example.
    You can look up “Masculiste” or “Father’s Rights vs. Legal,Judicial Fraud&Misconduct:One Victim’s Story” It’s paternity fraud, father’s rights abuse, family crime etc. I’m not an accomplished writer so the writing of it is still underway but you can read the early stuff if you want. It’ll probably end up a book. Bringing this thing all the way out sure won’t be easy, but I don’t think we should give up, just pull closer together.
    But I just wanted to applaud your comments and your efforts. You have my full support and I hope we can correspond. Your Friend, Michael Capanzzi

  2. Thanks, Michael. Trish is a child support queen who spends her idle hours, of which she has many, bashing men because one of them had the nerve to divorce her some years ago. She’s a sad case.

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