You can learn so much on the Internet

Today I learned some cool stuff from my buddy Mitch Ratcliffe:

…the California state budget is larger than the combined budgets of other states, as it is the eighth largest economy in the world.

This explains a lot. California has roughly 15% of the American population, and according to Mitch, its state government spends more than all other states combined, or roughly four times as much per capita. No wonder those folks are in trouble.

BTW, that economy is around 5 or 6 in the world, depending on stuff.

One thought on “You can learn so much on the Internet”

  1. Only judging by your last few posts and I know that’s dangerous – but you don’t seem to be a thinking man.

    Your take is all surface no depth.

    You post that tho CA only has 15 percent of the population it has a budget equal to the other 49 states combined. Ever question the reasons rather than imply. Or question the accuracy btw. hint. It’s wrong except for one year – 2001-2002.

    Here’s a PDF link that may help. Careful it’s go tbig numbers.

    Snideness (mine) aside, there are complex reasons why all this happened. You seem to indicate it’s all unions and Davis. Investigate further. Pete Wilson (Republican) was governor through the 1990s when the budget started skyrocketing. Is it his fault? No, I don’t think so. There are many many reasons.

    You show me your willngness to look further and I’ll be glad to provide you further info. But e-mail me that you did, because this is the first time I’ve been to this site and my bookmark list is way too big already. cheers.

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